Old Maiden Aunt Yarns produces unique & beautiful yarns, hand-dyed in Scotland.

Lilith is *the* Old Maiden Aunt, yarn-dyer extraordinaire, and Queen of Everything (at least at the OMA studio, anyways!).  After a circuitous path through various forms of education & employment (encompassing a degree in English Literature, waitressing, office/admin work, and training as a violin maker) she finally found her niche/obsession in the world of knitting & dyeing.

All yarns & fibres available for purchase in the Old Maiden Aunt Yarns studio & online shop have been hand-dyed by Lilith.  The mill-spun base yarn & spinning fibre is as ethically sourced as possible, and is processed at mills local to where the fibre is produced – the UK-breed pure wools are sourced & spun in the UK, and the exotic blends are milled at their source in South America, with a portion of the money going to the Mirasol Project.

Lilith also runs dyeing workshops at a cost of £60 per person - try your dyeing skills out on a selection of mini-skeins, then create your own custom colourway on a full-sized skein of yarn!  Extra skeins of yarn can also be dyed for a small additional cost (please note all prices subject to change).


Old Maiden Aunt Yarns

Studio 30. Ritchie Street.

West Kilbride. KA23 9AL.